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18 April, 2017

Pondering some reading I did that talked about getting attached to an image of creation the way it ought to be. It said that when we do that, everything turns to stone. We think we can get to some pure stage, as at the beginning. Fear comes in, and our goal becomes to instill timidity, and God is silent. We stop looking for direction, and suffering becomes a hell into which we sink, dragging others with us instead of a painful passage of labor through which we are born into a new world which the gospels call the coming of the kingdom of God. Thinking about what that would look like in my life...

8 October, 2014

Ran into a typo today: 'Mark, the most "Greek" of the Gospels, was dependent on Matthew and Luke and was written in the 2nd century BC' (my translation). Makes the gospels prophetic!

19 August, 2014

If I say, "It is raining," you might look outside to see if that was true in the moment before I spoke the words. But if Jesus says, "I am the truth," we can only check that statement, says Bultmann, by believing him, stepping forward in that faith, and testing that. For faith, we test forwards, not backwards. (I think this might be true of all personal relationships, as well.)

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