Day 0

  At the hotel-preparing for my yearly 7-day conference marathon. The key here is planning...38 sections in the morning, 32 in the afternoon, 4 papers per section=lots and lots of choices. But if I want to survive until the end, I have to pace myself.

  I've narrowed tomorrow's selections down to 5, with the two on John in bold:

  • Theism and Compatibilist Moral Responsibility (Keith Yandell)

  • Questions in the Gospel of John (Douglas Estes)

  • Yahweh the Sadist? An Examination of God's "Delight" in Destroying Israel in Deuteronomy 28:63 (Susan Rieske)

  • Union with Christ in the Gospel of John (Robert Peterson)

  • Promised Land or Egypt: The Unites States from a Hispanic Evangelical Perspective (Daniel A. Rodriguez)

  And I'm looking forward to ending the day by reconnecting with Carmen Imes, a PhD student from Wheaton whom I met in San Francisco last year.