Keith Yandell wasn't there for the first presentation... But I found myself two seats from Chuck White. People were introducing themselves...I'm from Michigan...Where in Michigan? I teach at Spring Arbor...We should meet then-I teach at Spring Arbor, too. So that was fun.

Since I found myself with unexpected free time, I headed up to the exhibit hall and bought the upgrade for BibleWorks. (Once I saw the way the images of the original manuscripts are embedded, I was sold.)

Douglas Estes presented a fascinating study of questions in John. Main point: As Westerners, we have a tendency to interpret questions, especially Jesus' questions, as though they were propositions. We should resist that temptation. I will need to look at his more developed argument in The Questions of Jesus in John.

Susan Rieske's room was packed, SRO. Main point: The word delight here not only communicates God's willingness to destroy covenant breakers, is not only rhetorical, but it also communicates God's overarching delight in doing what has to be done in order to enforce his covenant that will ultimately result in a new covenant, offering salvation to all.

It was fun catching up with her over lunch, and meeting Craig Smith--fascinating conversation. Other friends I've run into so far include Patrick Smith, Ed Gerber (who is also doing his PhD with Catrin Williams), John & Micah Jelinek and Eric Moore.

Robert Peterson preached me my sermon of the day with a passionate description of the indwelling of Father and Son and the fellowship with the Trinity that John describes. A true systematic theologian.

Sadly, we were informed at the last session that Daniel A. Rodriguez had a death in the family that prevented his presenting his paper. 

Tomorrow's schedule includes:

  • Naming Practices in Jewish Palestine in the Late Second Period and Their Relevance for the New Testament (Richard Bauckham)

  • Magical Expectations and the Two-Stage Healing of Mark 8 (Karelynne Gerber Ayayo)

  • "Appointed Heir of All Things": Inheritance in the Epistle to the Hebrews (Amy Peeler)

  • Oikonomia or Economy? Understanding the Currency of Grace (Donald Kim)

  • Obfuscation or Illumination: Background Information and Literary/Theological Interpretation in the Gospel of John (Brian Larsen)

  • Foreshadowing in John: Is It for First Time Readers? (Ron C. Fay)

  • Study of John's Gospel: New Directions or the Same Old Paths? (Stanley E. Porter)

  • The "Character" of Scripture in the Fourth Gospel: A Literary Analysis (Gary Manning)

Can you say 'information overload'?