On my last morning, I went to the Pauline Epistles session. Esther Kobel presented a paper that is part of her larger research project. Since she is addressing issues of bilingualism and biculturalism, there will be a lot of intersections with mine. I'm very grateful that I got to meet her and am looking forward to reading more of her work.

William Campbell (check out the link, it's a great picture of him) also presented in this session. He suggested that Rom 10:12 be translated (following Fitzmeyer) 'no distinction is made between Jew and Greek.' This would bring the meaning of this verse closer to the idea of not discriminating rather than just not distinguishing. It was a great paper--and an important point.

After that, I had my supervision with Catrin (see picture above). This means that we sat down together and she let me talk about my project and ask questions, and she made sure I knew where to go next. Sometimes she asks questions that are so helpful in showing me the places where I need more work, but this time I discovered that I am heading in a good direction and just need to connect what I've been working on lately to what I worked on at first.

After all of that--and the whole week away--Doug, Kevin, and I looked at each other and decided that we were ready to be out of the big city. So we packed up and drove home! It's nice to be back, nice to have a head full of new ideas, nice to have good direction for my work, and nice to have time to get ready for celebrating a day of Thanksgiving for all God has done and is doing!