We drove down from Milwaukee today--I'm sure glad I don't have to drive in downtown Chicago traffic every day!

We took the shuttle bus to the McCormick Center where the conference will be--that place is huge! I had to laugh when I saw other attendees huffing and puffing like I was: Let's take a whole bunch of people who spend their lives behind their computer screens and put them all together in a huge, four-building complex, and make them run all over to find their sessions. Seems like someone's idea of a joke!

Finally, our day off ended with the Monkees at the Chicago Theater. Really fun! (Peter Tork always was my favorite...)

This guard stood by the doors to the Frontier Airlines Center where ETS was held. When I saw him, I sort of did a double-take, and told Doug, "I don't think that guard is real." Doug walked over and checked--"Yes, he is," he said. Can you tell who was teasing who?