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Navigating Gender in the Church

Rev. Dr. Laura J. Hunt speaking on Gender in the Church at the Embrace All Conference of the Free Methodist Church, USA on September 28, 2018.


Word Study with Step Bible

This video demonstrates how to use the free Step Bible to do a word study.


Theology of Revelation

Based on Udo Schnelle's Theology of the New Testament


End Times Views

This video gives an overview of the difficulties interpreting the Book of Revelation as well as some of the end times theories prevalent within Christianity. (It's not just the Rapture!)


Ladder of Abstraction

How do we take a culture-bound Bible and apply it to a completely different culture? The ladder of abstraction can help.

Favorite Websites

Clergygirl Collective: a group of clergy women in the Free Methodist Church.

Junia Project: The blog serves as a platform to communicate an accurate understanding of egalitarian theology and to share reflections on gender equality.

Marg Mowczko: Exploring the biblical theology of Christian egalitarianism

Tim's Blog: Just one train wreck after another

Simple Theologian: Complex theology made accessible and applicable.