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Chapter 10: The Not-Very-Persecuted Church Today



Questions 10.1:

1. How does Christianity in other cultures look different than American Christianity?

2. In what ways do you seem just like other Americans?

3. In what ways are you different because of your faith in Christ?

4. Are there places where God is calling you to look more foolish and weak for the sake of loyalty to Christ?

Think about the culture of the church, the culture of those outside the church, the culture of other countries. What does Jesus look like in each of those places?

Notice, this week, the different cultures that surround you. How could you incarnate Jesus in each of these places?

Questions 10.2:

1. When has living in Christ led you to feel foolish?

2. When has living in Christ led you to look weak?

3. Have you ever done something foolish or looked weak and realized later that it wasn’t for the sake of God’s mission but rather to draw attention to yourself or to compete with other Christians?

4. Are you risking your reputation in the choices you are making for Christ today?

We need the Holy Spirit as he reveals himself in community to help us figure out when to accept suffering for the sake of mission and when to walk away.

Notice, this week, how you might live on mission.

Questions 10.3:

Do you have someone who could be your accountability partner.

1. What was God’s mission for you this week? 

2. In what ways have you been able to cooperate with that mission?

3. What has gotten in the way of you cooperating with that mission?

4. What weakness or suffering have you offered to God this week?

5. Who else have you noticed cooperating with God’s plan for his or her life this week?