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Chapter 5: Who Are Followers of Christ?



Questions 5.1:

1. What are some of the roles that God has called people to in your community of followers of Christ?

2. When did you first hear God’s call?

3. In what ways do you see your community valuing holiness?

4. Does your local Christian community belong to a larger organization? Are you connected to other Christians in any way?

Think about your past. How did you become a follower of Christ? How did you become a part of your local Christian community? Do you remember any passion or sense of calling that you might have forgotten about since then?

See if this week you might find an opportunity to tell some of those stories to other people and listen to their stories in return. How do these stories make a difference today?

Questions 5.2:

1. God’s gifts show his faithfulness. How is your community using your gifts as you wait for Jesus’ return?

2. How is God keeping you strong so that you will be blameless on the Day of the Lord Jesus Christ?

3. How does thinking about the Day of the Lord help you to evaluate who you should be today?

4. How has your view of life changed in your lifetime, maybe even recently, to line up more with God’s view?

The day of the Lord really is coming. Sometimes, when we ask each other, "What would you do differently if you knew for sure that Jesus was coming back tomorrow?" the answers we give each other have to do with a complete re-ordering of our lives. But Luke 12:43 points me towards a daily faithfulness to the tasks that God has given each of us today.


Notice, this week, how your daily activities look in light of God's eternal plan for redeeming the world. Are there a few changes he might be calling you to make? Does looking at ordinary tasks from that perspective give them new meaning?

Questions 5.3:

1. How much does your Christian community share life together?

2. How does your community fit into the purposes of God in the world?

3. How do the purposes of your community make you different from your neighbors?

4. How does your community cooperate with other followers of Christ to do the work of God in the world?

As Americans we are often taught to think about calling as an individual thing. And, of course, that is part of it. We each have been gifted by God and called to use those gifts within the body of Christ, and in the world. But what about the calling of the Christian community that you are a part of. Does God have a calling on you as a group?


Notice, this week, how you might be able to support and/or participate in God's calling for your church or community.