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Chapter 6: Are Followers of Christ Respectable?


Questions 6.1:

1. What are the different circles in your church community?

2. Are they just different, or are they divided?

3. What identities sometimes come before our identification with Christ?

4. How could we become less preoccupied with how we look or what leader we belong to?

What are the social circles in your Christian community? Who are the leaders (inside as well as in the broader Christian world) that you want people to know you follow? Again, identifying ourselves within groups is normal social behavior and helps us to strengthen our identity, promotes behavior that lives up to the community's ideals, and allows us to understand each other quickly. It's not a bad thing . . . unless we forget that those other Christians are brothers and sisters in Christ.


Notice, this week, which Christians your group feels is okay to talk badly about. How can you begin to work against this tendency?

Questions 6.2:

1. Who are the respectable people both within and outside the church?

2. What does respectable behavior look like?

3. What parts of the good news about Jesus sound foolish?

4. Among which group of people outside the church is it hardest for you to talk about Jesus?

Somewhere in between offending people as proof of our holiness and never speaking of our foolish faith, lies a life of obedience to God's mission in the world.


This week, how could you walk a little better in between those lines?

Questions 6.3:

1. Were you a respectable person when God called you? Are you respectable now?

2. What would you say if you were going to boast about God?

3. How might God be calling you to boast about him to people outside the Christian community?

4. How might God be asking you to be foolish for the sake of talking about Jesus?

Do you worry about what people will think of you? I know I do.

What would it be like if, this week, we tried to remember that we are already foolish, silly, not-particularly-respectable people and just got all filled up with pride in all the cool stuff God is doing in the world?